No description, but asked to remain vigilant.

There are growing calls for Midland’s Police to issue a description of a suspect who allegedly killed at least one man and injured at least seven others in the early hours this morning, in Birmingham.

There have been no arrests and a manhunt and murder investigation is now underway.


Police were called to an incident at 12:30 AM in Birmingham’s gay village where sadly one man died from injuries sustained from a knife attack.

Despite the city’s wide spread use of CCTV the authorities have yet to release any description of the man they say they wish to question in connection to the incident.

The police have warned citizens to “remain vigilant” and that they would release more information in due course.


The police have said that they do not believe the motive for the attack to be a hate crime, gang-related or terrorism, instead suggesting that the attacks were random.

No description, but asked to remain vigilant.

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However, more than 16 hours since the incident the police have yet to issue any formal description.

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Numerous people took to social media to question why are such a long time why the police had yet to release any further information on the suspect. One person wrote, “Surely 16 hours later you must know who you are looking for??? Wouldn’t it be in public interest to show who you are looking for???”

While another added, “For a city centre covered in CCTV, I find it highly suspicious that you’ve yet to release a description or images of the attacker. Any reasonable explanation why?”

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