New stats gathered by THEGAYUK, show that outside of London, Birmingham is the randiest place in the UK.

Birmingham’s gay scene is thriving

It seems as though gay and bisexual men in Birmingham can’t get enough of online hookups and chat sites. So much so, it is only second to London for online searches for gay hookups, gay chat and dating sites. Of course, Birmingham has one of the largest gay scenes in the UK, alongside Brighton, Manchester and of course, London.

Analytics show that the Birmingham chat page is one of the most popular entry points to for English cities, whilst Glasgow tops the list for Scottish cities. Cardiff is the number one for Wales, but 13th overall for the UK and Belfast is number one for Northern Ireland, but number 24 overall for the UK.


The top ten list looks like this:

  1. London
  2. Birmingham
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Glasgow
  6. Bristol
  7. Liverpool
  8. Sheffield
  9. Nottingham
  10. Edinburgh

Previously Essex had topped the list, but now doesn’t even register in the top 100 of visitor locations. Instead, Grimsby brings up the bottom of the league table at number 100 randiest place in Britain.

Overall visitors from England make up 77% percent of all searches, Scottish visitors make up six percent of searches, the Welsh make up three percent and guys from Northern Ireland make up 1 percent.

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