It’s been a busy old week in the Big Brother house. What with Paula’s eviction – such a shame; I reckon there was a lot more fun to be had there.

And then Sam’s eviction. He was the good looking guy. Scottish. Really quiet. Remember? No, I know, I barely do either… Heidi and Spencer spiced it up when they were assigned a task, to spy on the other housemates – which unlike the previous dozen tasks they refused to do, they had no qualms in doing this one. Odd that. Big Brother ‘pimped out’ the basement and they watched all the goings-on in the house for forty eight hours.

They sat there watching the rest of the house slag them off as they themselves slagged them off. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, I say. Anyway, they returned to the house and the sparks flew, predictably, and after Rylan cried a river it culminated in Razor only having to raise his voice once, causing ‘big man’ Spencer to flee to the basement again. It’s all very tense in there right now and after Heidi and Spencer nominated Rylan and Claire, on Friday, to face the public vote, they themselves, along with Lacey, were also added to the mix on Sunday when the rest of the house nominated. Here’s how I place them, so far:

1. Rylan Clark – He’s had a hard time of it in there. A lot of which comes from him over-analysing himself and situations too much. He’s great TV and he comes across as a lovely fella. He just needs to relax back and stop caring about what people think. A lot easier said than done, I know.

2. Neil ‘razor’ Ruddock – The unlikely relationship between Razor and Rylan is so lovely to watch. There’s absolutely no messing about with Razor – as we saw when he put Spencer in his place. That single moment has been the highlight of the series so far, for me, and Razor has been consistently lovely throughout. Although, if I shared a bedroom with him, his snoring would have me tearing my hair out.

3. Gillian Taylforth – Gillian has said little or done little but she’s there lurking in the background, not offending viewers or housemates; and is the only one that Heidi and Spencer didn’t accuse of being ‘two-faced’. Good actress? Just a genuinely lovely person? I can’t figure it out until I see more of her. She seems to be a favourite with the other housemates.

4. Claire Richards – Claire is really not living up to my expectations. And I thought she handled the whole Heidi and Spencer thing quite badly. Instead of having it out with them, like Rylan did, she just kept quiet. Then moaned and groaned about it for the next two days. She’s lovely though. I hope she comes into her own a bit, and I’m hoping she’ll survive this weeks eviction.

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5. Heidi & Spencer – As much as I really, really, really cannot bare them, the task and following explosions were the best part of the series so far. The thing is, you could tell they relished it and were thriving on the chaos it would cause. Great telly but rather unpleasant characters.

6. Ryan – I liked his spat with Spencer, that ended up in the argument, but apart from that Ryan has been about as exciting as a bucket of cold sick. He also comes across as quite sneaky to me. A game-player?

7. Lacey Banghard – I thought Lacey was going to be a right pain in the hoop when she first went in but she’s grown on me a tiny bit. I did enjoy watching her doing the task, whilst Razor was waxed. God love her though, living up, ever so slightly, to the dumb bimbo stereotype throughout those questions.

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8. Frankie Dettori – I think the producers have sneaked in and replaced Frankie with a cardboard cut-out in the last week. Very odd. The first week he was in it constantly but he seems to have slipped into a semi-coma like state, as I’ve hardly seen him. He needs to up his game If he wants to be in with a chance.

9. Tricia Penrose – Tricia is a fence-sitter and she’s going to get a sore arse sat up there soon. She also cries at the drop of a hat and should leave the house soon before her ovaries explode all over everyone

About the author: Jason Reid
Jason has worked on and around London's gay scene since the late 90's. Having had worked with some of the countries top cabaret performers/venues he quickly become a recognisable face and name on the scene and was snapped up by London's QX Magazine as their cabaret reporter in 2011. Jason was one of the main judges for both Drag Idol 2011/12 and Mr Gay UK 2012.