A child carer caller on Katie Hopkins LBC radio show claimed she was told by the school that she works with not to tell parents that she is gay.

A caller rang into Katie Hopkins‘ morning talk show on LBC to say that she was advised not to tell parents that she was a lesbian. Sally, who says that she was “head of care” at a residential school in the UK, was told not to disclose her sexuality by the head of the school – in case people thought she was a paedophile.

Speaking to Katie, Sally said,

“I was once asked by the head not to let any of the parents know that I was a lesbian, because they wanted for parents to believe that they were safe. There are a lot of people out there who still believe that being homosexual is akinned to being a pedophile.

“I think that view prevails throughout society”.


Sally called in after Katie asked her listeners whether the “traditional family unit” was best, after the Church of England’s Synod rejected a call for continued opposition to same-sex marriage.

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