Neil Amin-Smith has talked about his relationship with Olly Alexander from Years and Years and how they surprise each other with romantic gestures like flowers, but will keep their music separate.

Whilst performing at the Nando’s Cock o’ Van stage at Camp Bestival over the weekend Clean Bandit’s Neil Amin-Smith revealed that he arranged for a bunch of flowers to great his boyfriend, Olly Alexander for his birthday.


He said,

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“Olly and I are romantic with each other, we have to because we don’t see each other very much so when we are reunited it’s always quite intense. It was Olly’s birthday recently and he was going to be in New York arriving at his hotel so I arranged for a really nice bunch of flowers to be waiting for him.”

However when asked if a musical collab was on the cards he said,

“I don’t think we will work together as Clean Bandit and Years and Years. It’s good to keep it separate, there are so many other pressures within a band that it would muddy the waters a bit.”

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