We would never want to accuse heterosexual superstar Colin Farrell of being a ‘size queen’ BUT in an interview with Nylon Guys Magazine, the Irish actor says that his not just impressed with the fact that Ewan McGregor is so well endowed, but also by how modest he is about it.

“I don’t think Ewan is as proud of his penis as most men who are as well hung would—or should—or could be,” Farrell says. “I think that’s the greatest demonstration of his innate humility, that he doesn’t wear it like a badge of honour.”

The two A List actors starred together as the Blaine Brothers in the 2007 movie ‘CASSANDRA’S DREAM’, but we are still not sure how Colin caught sight of Ewan’s privates. Unless of course he did it the same way as we did, by watching one of the very many movies when he did more than just ‘dropped trou’ but flaunted it for all the world to see.