Complaints made after gay contestant calls gay men “bum boys”

Complaints have surfaced on social media after Big Brother contestant Sam Giffen, who is openly gay called BB love birds, Ryan and Hughie “bum boys”.

Sam Giffen.

Tensions have risen in the Big Brother house and contestants Sam Giffen is being accused of being homophobic after calling on air lovers, Ryan and Hughie “bum boys” during a dispute.

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(C) Channel 5
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(C) Channel 5

During the dispute, Griffen yelled, “Everyone’s shouting in my face. I’ve done nothing wrong”, before adding that he wouldn’t be abused by “bum boys”.

Channel 5
Channel 5


It did not go down well with viewers who were on on social media who called Giffen out on his langauge and accused him of “making homophobic comments” and were surprised that a gay man would use the term “bum boy.”

One BBUK fan tweeted,

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“Sam calling Hughie and Ryan bum boys. That’s whats wrong with the gay community. Gays making homophobic comments to other gays. Sick.”

Another added,

“BBUK on catch up! Just cos Sam’s gay doesn’t mean it’s ok for him to call Hughie and Ryan Bum Boys!! Bang out of order!! Sort him BB!”

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