As the Russian lower house passes a law that could see anyone who ‘promotes homosexual propaganda’ to anyone under 18 face stiff fines or even jail sentences, 200 anti-gay protesters beat, threw bottles at and abused pro-gay activists.

Disturbing images from Ilya Varlamov show to some extent the abuse that 20 pro-gay rights activists faced yesterday as Russia’s government voted 434-0 to install a new bill that could leave anyone promoting a homosexual lifestyle to anyone under the age of 18 with jail time or a hefty fine.

Vocativ reports that at one point ‘an unidentified Duma official from the Communist Party approached and shook hands with a policeman, and reportedly said: “So are you guys ramping up the pressure on these faggots? Beat them up well! Cut their balls off!” ‘


Violence towards gay and pro-gay rights activists has been ramped up in the past few months, with two murders and numerous attacks happening within a few weeks of each other. have a petition for the Russian President, Putin. Nearly 85,000 people have already signed it.


The petition asks,


We stand with citizens across Russia who are calling on their government to stop the crackdown against lesbian, gay, bi and trans people that is fuelling anti-gay violence.

We urge leaders around the world and within Russia to work to eliminate all anti-gay laws and protect all citizens from violence and discrimination in Russia.’



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Sign it it here

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