The man we’ve always wanted to be, or be with, we don’t mind… Diet Coke Hunk is back and he’s best served red hot.


He’s back and sexier than ever…a new Diet Coke “hunk” is about to take centre stage in the latest Diet Coke TV advertising campaign, as the brand celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2013.

The long awaited return of the iconic Diet Coke Hunk, is set to become one of the most talked about advertising campaigns of the year. Facebook fans will be amongst the first to catch a glimpse of the full advert, at the legendary time of 11:30am today (Monday 28th January).

The new TV spot, entitled ‘Gardener’, is sure to get a new generation of pulses racing with a 21st century take on the revolutionary ads of the early ‘90s. The action is set to the iconic Etta James track, ‘I Just Want To Make Love To You’ and features renowned model, Andrew Cooper, in the role of the 2013 ‘Diet Coke Man’, starring alongside a group of fun-loving female friends set in a park.

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CREDIT: Coca Cola
CREDIT: Coca Cola

New Diet Coke “Hunk” Andrew Cooper commented,

“Everyone remembers the Diet Coke Man advertisements. They have been cultural milestones and I’m absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to play the part in 2013 – especially in such an exciting year for the brand.”

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