A new name has topped the poll of gayest names, I mean who knew a name could be gay – but peeps at ranker.com users have been voting on it… So it must be a thing.

CREDIT: © nito103 /Depositphotos

So last year we reported that Christopher was voted the most common name for gay men. This year it’s all changed as people vote a brand new set of names as the top 10 most common names of gay men – yep. This is being voting on.

The votes have been taking place on the ranker.com website.

So last year, the top four most common names for gay men were: Christopher, James, Jimmy, and Michael. This year Christopher has dropped 77 places to number 78.

This year it’s all changed and there’s a brand new most common name for gay men, namely Sebastian. Now we’re not sure on this one – for last year’s Christopher – we were able to find a number of out celebrities with the name Chris/Christopher but we can’t think of any called Seb or Sebastian. Can you?

In 2013, Latina magazine reported that Mexican soap star Sebastián Ligarde came out as bisexual and was inspired by Ricky Martin to come out.

Anyways here’s the top 10 most common gay names.

Here’s the top ten!