S Club 8 album

The baby-faced S Club Junior singer Aaron Renfree has grown up to be quite the hunk.

S Club 8 album
CREDIT: Polydor

At the time Aaron, (at the bottom) was the oldest member of S Club 8 – he just a teenager when the band launched their first album and single.

If you were around in the early noughties you may remember S Club 8 – or S Club Juniors. They were a spin-off from S Club 7, originally set up to support their older counterparts on tour, but they were quite successful in their own right. They released two albums in 2002 and 2003 racking up 6 top 10 hits during their time together including “One Step Closer” and “Automatic High”.

Well of the members, Aaron Renfree has just caught our attention. He’s turned into quite the hot man and he’s going to be turning 30 this year!


If you’re wondering what he’s up to now, he’s a choreographer and show director for the X Factor tour and has appeared on the X Factor and the Voice as a backup dancer.



Fancy a trip down memory lane then you can buy their albums still on Amazon