When will Drag Race UK season 2 start?
(C) BBC – Photographer: Leigh Keily

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a huge difference between the UK and the US version and here’s why that is.

Fans of the US version of RuPaul’s Drag Race are used to hearing the names of various sponsors during the show. However, the UK version was devoid of any sponsor names.

When a contestant wins a challenge or the runway, a sponsor usually backs a gift or a cash prize, however, last night’s show was devoid of a sponsored-back prize.

In fact, the main prize for the eventual winner of Drag Race UK isn’t even a cash-prize unlike the US version.

(C) BBC/World of Wonder – Photographer: Guy Levy

In the US, winners can look forward to a $100,000 payday, however, the winner of the UK version will star in their own “digital tv series” according to Ru, which will be filmed in Hollywood.

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One of the reasons why there are no sponsors mentioned on the show is because the broadcaster of this year’s series is BBC Three and as the BBC aren’t allowed to have sponsors or advertisers attached to their programming.

Even the small prizes aren’t backed by a company – this week’s catwalk winner won a “RuPeter Badge” rather than a luxury or cash prize.

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