Duncan James made headlines in 2009 when he publicly came out as Bisexual, in an interview with the News Of The World, now it’s on his own terms as he talks to GT.

Talking to GT Duncan James said,
“I was 22 when I had my first gay experience…I’d become really good friends with this guy and then I looked at him dancing on stage one night and I realised I really liked him. A couple of months later we hooked up. But afterwards I had massive amounts of guilt; almost like wishing it’d never happened.”

Although Duncan is still sexually attracted to women, he admits his gay side is more prevalent. “I sill enjoy having sex with girls, I find women attractive. But over the years it’s been less and less relationships with girls. So I understand that saying, ‘Bi now, gay later’. But it’s 2013 and there’s nothing wrong in being open with your sexuality.”

With rivals like One Direction and The Wanted it’s going to take more than The Big Reunion to get back on top!

“Take That did the most amazing comeback ever but it’s gone a bit quiet for them and JLS are taking a break, One Direction and The wanted are doing massively well in the US. But there aren’t a lot of boybands around in the UK right now, so we think there’s a big gap and it’s a great time for us to come back.”

Duncan on Eurovision

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“As a country we don’t take it seriously and some said it was career suicide because it’s so political…But on the back of Eurovision we didn’t even have a second single or album. It was like a big whoopee cushion that deflated.”

GT is out now if you want to see a semi naked Duncan James – ooo er!

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