Former Blue star Duncan James has tweeted Lee Ryan that he thought he was the ‘only bi/gay in the band’.

CREDIT: Channel 5
CREDIT: Channel 5

After a revealing conversation in the Celebrity Big Brother House, Lee Ryan admitted that he may have had experiences with ‘people’ causing band mate Duncan James to jump in with this text.

The conversation took place between Luisa, Jasmine and Ollie – and the talk turned to bisexuality. He said that he had never talked about it before because no one had ever asked.

He has just been evicted in the the Bolt Hole.

In 2010 Lee stunned fans by stating that:


‘Me and Duncan had threesomes! We did some crazy s**t with each other. In the past we’ve done some s**t like that. It’s not weird… you just high five each other. I think they call it a spit roast.’

Well there you go!

Ofcom confirmed today that it had received 126 complaints about the episode where Evander Holyfield said that being gay wasn’t ‘normal’ and could be fixed.


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