Award winning screenwriter and LGBT activist feared for his life after a landing gear failure on his flight to San Francisco.

Dustin Lance Black, 39, who is currently dating Olympic diver Tom Daley has written how tears hit his script as the Captain announced on his United Airlines flight to San Francisco that the land gear had malfunctioned.

‘Quiet #tears hit my script when the captain announced the landing gear broke on my #UnitedAirlines flight to SF. Aborted landing. Circles. Rough touch down. #ALIVE!’ DLB wrote via his Instagram.


Earlier in the month, DLB spoke opening about the leaked sex pictures of himself and a former boyfriend saying, ‘If you invade my privacy, this is what you will find,” he wrote. ‘I have sex. It brings me joy, fosters intimacy and helps love grow…I am the victim of this “scandal”, not the perpetrator.

‘People have been so incredibly supportive.

‘It was about time [I addressed the picture leak]. I always just sort of think it’ll disappear, but it came up again.

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‘Cleve Jones, who’s in Milk, is like a mentor to me, and he said, ‘Girl, you need just to say it and let people know what’s up’, so I went ahead and did that. It was good to finally get it done.’

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