★★★★★ Scissor Sisters Live In Victoria Park

Missed that summer feeling? Feeling a little blue? Then this one is for you.

The epically flamboyant Scissor Sisters are easily one of the greatest, with their disco rock sounds and alternative sense of style that few can pull off.

It was back in 2004 that the Scissor Sisters really made headway in the UK with their debut album, gaining them three BRIT Awards in 2005. But their success didn’t stop there. Notable collaborations with Kylie and Elton John have made this outrageously camp band into one with continual renewal and vivacity.

The DVD is certainly a must have, a colourful explosion of music, love and sexual desire. Jake is guaranteed to raise temperatures of every guy in the audience in his tight rubber trousers and wildly suggestive moves.

From the opening it quickly reignited my lost love for them, turning up the volume to full capacity. Classics such as Take Your Mama and Filthy/Gorgeous gave that beautiful nostalgic feeling as the soundtrack of past summers. These were thrown into the mix of the more recent singles to create one huge fetish fest.

Throughout there just didn’t seem to be any low points, with superb vocals and musical arrangements, and an energy that can only be described as music on steroids. And as if that wasn’t enough, the two bonus tracks bring an additional climax to the whole show. No anti-climax here – it is a pulse throbbing sensation the whole way.SSo if you have been in deep hibernation this winter amidst the wet weather and snow, this will surely be the remedy. Buy your copy on the 25th Feb, and throw your very own Lovebox party. I just can’t get enough!

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In a word:

Lustful 5/5

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