We’re gearing up here at TGUK HQ for Eurovision 2013. With Bonnie burning up in the wings we’re sure this year’s contest will be fair, fun and fabulously Swedish.

Eurovision 2013

Ok sarcasm aside about the fair bit, we’re quite taken with this year’s logo, which takes the shape of a rather beautiful butterfly.


So where’s the idea from? Well the lovely peeps at Eurovision.TV have said:

‘Eurovision Song Contest is a shared project. It unites millions of people. In the east, west, north and south. Beyond all the glitter, there is a thought. A big idea that is 100% relevant for Public Service. It’s about togetherness, diversity and happiness. Eurovision Song Contest might appear as a trivial matter. But a trivial matter that engages over one hundred million people of all ages in more than 40 countries all over the world. And today science knows that sometimes small matters can start powerful and big movements. This phenomenon is called ”The Butterfly Effect”. A flap from one butterfly can – at least in theory – start a hurricane. Butterflies have one common name, but exist in thousands of different shapes and colours. Just like the Eurovision Song Contest, one strong identity with a rich national diversitiesy [sic]. Working together, we can achieve anything – We are one.

Ah, isn’t it beautiful!!

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So Eurovision is just over a month away, what will you be doing for it?

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