Gay British Man Stabbed To Death In Algarve

A man in his 50s has been stabbed to death by a spear in an attack in the Algarve.

CREDIT: Peter Etchells
CREDIT: Peter Etchells

A twenty year-old man has confessed to killing a 55-year-old British gay man who was living in the Algarve in Portugal. The alleged killer was arrested after being stopped by police, driving in the victim’s car.

The man’s body was found in the early hours of this morning in Pereiro, near Alcoutim.

The victim who has been named as Simon Carley-Pocock by the Daily Mail, is originally from Hertfordshire and was stabbed with a spear.

He had injuries to his chest, ribs and stomach.

Police sources say the alleged killer took police to the place where the man was slain.


It is believed that Mr.Carley-Pocock had invited the 20-year-old back to his home.

Although the 20-year-old has admitted his part in the victim’s death no weapon has been discovered.

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A police spokesman said:

‘We don’t know for sure when the killing happened but we think it may have been Saturday.

‘The Portuguese man says they had known each other for a while and met on Friday and went back to the Brit’s house together.

‘He says he killed him during a row after some drinks.


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