Gay Films On Netflix

Netflix UK has nearly 50 LGBT+ titles on it. Pretty good going – Here’s the most up-to-date list of Gay Films on Netflix.

Gay films on Netflix

We’ve updated this page to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We organised by genre

UPDATED: 15/01/18


Here’s the current list of films available on Netflix.

100 Men | Documentary (New Zealand)

34th, The  | Documentary (Irish)

4th Man Out | Comedy

10 Year Plan | Comedy

Aalorukkam | Drama (Indian)

Alex Strangelove | Romance

Almost Adults | Lesbian, Comedy

Angry Indian Goddesses | Drama (Indian)

Arisan! 2 | Comedian (Indonesian)

Bare | Lesbian, Romance

Beach Rats | Drama

Behind The Curtain (Todrick Hall) | Documentary

Below Her Mouth | Lesbian, Romance

Bioscope | Romance (Indian)

Birdcage | Comedy

Blue Is The Warmest Colour | Lesbian, Romance

Boulevard | Drama

Breaking Free | Documentary (Indian)

Bright Night | Drama, Mystery (German)

Bruno | Comedy

Carol | Drama, Lesbian

Cherry Pop | Musical, Comedy

Dallas Buyers Club | Biopic, Drama

Death and Life Of Marsha P Johnson, The | Documentary, Trans

Death In Buenos Aires | Crime (Argentinian)

Dreamboat | Documentary (German)

Duck Butter | Romance, Lesbian

Feels, The | Romance, Lesbian

Flawless | Comedy, Drag

Floating | Comedy, Lesbian (German)

Forbidden Games | Documentary, Sports

Four Minutes | Drama (German)

Game Face | Documentary, Sports

The Gathering | Drama (Indonesian)


Gayby Baby | Documentary

God’s Own Country | Drama

Growing Up Coy | Documentary

Handsome Devil | Comedy, Romance

Head On | Romance, Drama

Henry Gamble’s Birthday Party | Drama

Holding The Man | Drama, Biopic

Hurricane Bianca | Drag, Comedy

I Am Happiness On Earth | Drama

I Am Michael | Biopic

Ideal Home | Comedy

Iron Ladies, The  | Comedy (Thai)

Iron Ladies 2, The | Comedy (Thai)

Jewel’s Catch One | Documentary

Kevyn Aucoin | Documentary

King Cobra | Biopic, Drama

Laerte-Se | Documentary, Trans

Loev | Romance

Loving Annabelle | Romance, Lesbian

Macho | Comedy

Mala Mala | Documentary, Trans

Mater | Drama (Argentinian)

Margarita With A Straw | Lesbian, Romance

Michael Lost And Found | Documentary

Milk | Biography

Mudge Boy, The | Drama

My Brother Nikhil | Drama (Indian)

Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List | Romance

Oh My Ghost | Horror (Thai)

Oh My Ghost 2 | | Horror (Thai)

Oh My Ghost 3 | Horror (Thai)

Oh My Ghost 4 | Horror (Thai)

Other People | Drama, Comedy

Paradise Lost | Drama, Drag (Brazil)

Paris Is Burning | Documentary, Trans, Drag

People You May Know | Drama, Comedy

The Pink Mirror | Comedy, Drag

Princess Cyd, Lesbian, Romance

Priscilla Queen Of The Desert, The Adventures of | Comedy

Snervous (Tyler Oakley) | Documentary

Softlad, Drama, Romance

Soft Lad | Romance, Drama

Strike A Pose | Documentary

Tab Hunter Confidential | Documentary

Those People | Drama, Romance

To Each Their Own | Romance, Lesbian (French)

UnFreedom | Drama, Lesbian (Indian)

The Untold Story of Armistead Maupin | Documentary

Who The F**K Is That Guy | Documentary

Yes Or No | Romance, Lesbian (Thai)

Yes Or No 2 | Romance, Lesbian (Thai)

Yes Or No 2.5 | Romance, Lesbian (Thai)

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Zenne Dancer | Drama