A gay man has allegedly been escorted from a pub in Manchester after kissing another man on the lips.

  • Friends say man was left “Shaken”.
  • Man was reportedly removed from the pub after kissing another man on the lips.
  • Pub claims man was drunk and removed as normal.
  • Twitter users respond suggesting “Kiss In” retaliation.

A man was allegedly removed from Mulligans in Manchester after kissing another man on the lips at the bar, reports have serviced via the Twitter social network.



Actor John Last tweeted, “My friend was just escorted out of ‪@mulligans_MCR for kissing a man on the lips. Disgusting homophobia.

“…He was escorted from the bar after kissing a man.”

Speaking with TheGayUK, Last said, that his friend was left “shaken” after the incident that happened on the evening of 17th March.


The man was removed by Security.

Hannah Martin a campaigner for Greenpeace reported the incident on Twitter today, claiming the unnamed man was “escorted out” of the pub, before adding, “This is 2015 not 1915”

The pub, which is based in Deansgate, Manchester, a short walk away from the centre of Manchester’s gay village, responded to the allegations by tweeting Mr Last saying:


“Your friend (went) outside for a cig, drank too much, advised, as is norm, no re entry. The ONLY reason. ALL customers welcome.

“No interest WHATSOEVER in any customers personal preference, nor should we have, we sell entertainment

“No further comment from Mulligans.

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According to a spokesperson for the pub, the man asked to retrieve his jacket and was escorted through the pub by security, reported as normal procedure.

An email was sent to THEGAYUK for clarification from Padraig Brady, “The customer in question went outside to have a cigarette, whilst outside he was observed to be unsteady on his feet. He was spoken to and it was obvious that he had consumed too much alcohol (no crime) and was advised that he would not be re admitted. We were asked for a jacket to be retrieved, as is the NORM, a member of security, escorted went in and retrieved the jacket and the customer left. On a day like yesterday, there are numerous occasions whereby, a customer, of WHATEVER, personal preference will be deemed to have consumed too much alcohol and therefore not be re admitted to the premises. Are you suggesting that 1 customer among 20 outside smoking was somehow, in amongst a group of 250 customers, was somehow, through, CLOSED DOORS, not allowed to re enter the premises because they have a particular preference???

We are a business that sells entertainment to customers of whatever preference.”

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