Soooo, a little birdie tells us that Geordie Shore starts in just a few hours – and it’s all about getting mortal and sexy, we’d thought we’d have a look at the guy’s sex faces… as you do.

Geordie Shore is back on 22nd July 2014, 10pm, only on MTV and in preparation for tashing on and bucking aplenty MTV have enlisted the help of Sex Expert Annabelle Knight, to offer her analysis, naming and explaining of exactly what each of the cast’s sex face reveals about them, both in and out of the bedroom! With National Orgasm Day fast approaching on 31st July, what better way to get into the swing of things!

Aaron’s orgasm face is a perfectly polished combination of confidence, charisma and charm. He’s hot and doesn’t he just know it! Aaron positions his hands behind his head, showcasing those perfectly sculpted biceps. His arms show that he could pick a girl up, spin her round and really show her a good time! His expression is intense and captivating, you can’t help but stare. His eyes are engaging but his mouth is open with a slight smile, showing that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Aaron’s eye contact tells us that he’s an intense lover with a playful side. All in all, Aaron’s orgasm face shows him to be a passionate lover with plenty of energy in the sack – he’d probably keep you up all night

Full of fun, sincere and a touch sensual. Kyle seems a little self-aware, popping one of his shoulders up, creating a visual imbalance, which could come across in the bedroom, making him slightly unsure of himself. However, he is facing the camera head on indicating that he’s totally confident in the looks department. Kyle’s wink shows a cheeky side to his personality although on the whole his expression is a lot more sedate and reserved than the rest, meaning he’s probably a bit quieter in the bedroom, preferring to focus on his partner. He’s the kind of guy who wants to make sure his girl is satisfied before ticking his own box. Get to the back of the queue, ladies!

James looks a bit confused but he’s clearly a guy who doesn’t have to try too hard with the ladies either in or out of the bedroom. James isn’t tensing or showing off in any way, indicating a quiet confidence in his abilities as a lover. James furrows his brow, showing that he’s thinking about what’s happening – being able to engage your brain to assess the situation during climax is a rare skill, allowing James to concentrate on his partner as well as his own pleasure. With an almost inverted smile, James shows he’s concerned for the other person. This concern isn’t a bad thing! It proves that he’s a considerate lover, always putting his lady first. James is showing himself to be far from selfish in bed – a quietly confident, serious lover.

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Ah, the enthusiasm of youth! Scott is confident, cheeky and up for a laugh! His face is truly expressive – his eyes are scrunched shut, blocking out his sight and therefore heightening the senses and making everything else feel more intense. His mouth is open with his head positioned so his tongue is visible – this visual cue is linked directly to sexual acts, making you think immediately of kissing, licking and sucking! Scott is a walking advert for his sexual self with his neck and shoulders tensed and proudly displayed. There’s a very playful nature to his expression and his cheeky streak no doubt helps him go the extra mile with girls. For Scott, the thrill is the chase and the climax is the cherry on top!

Gaz’s sex face is very expressive and a great window to the man behind it. His expression is open and honest, characteristics that he’ll take into the bedroom. Gaz shows his body off in a subtle way, tensing his shoulders. This understated confidence could mean that Gaz has a… erm… “hidden asset” that speaks much louder than bulging biceps ever could! With Gaz, what you see is what you get and instead of furrowing his eyebrows like most, he has them raised to focus attention on his eyes. His eyes are wide and he looks almost shocked that he can feel like this, probably a tactic employed to make a girl feel special. His expression is playful and humorous. Seeing himself as a bit of a comedian, Gary may well get all the girls by laughing them into bed.

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Series 8 launches Tuesday 22nd July, 10pm, only on MTV

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