Meet radio presenter for Gaydio, voice over artist extraordinaire and DJ legend for some of the biggest clubs in the UK and now for the all new Puscha Undercover which opens on the 2nd of Feb.

TGUK: Are you looking forward to appearing at Pushca Undercover and have you got any Pushca memories as a clubber or Guest DJ?
TE: I have many memories but the main two include going to Pushca when the lighthouse was hired in the middle of the Thames – only Pushca could and would do something like that! It was accessed by boats with strippers and a casino on them and that was good enough in itself for a party!

Secondly my debut DJ set at Pushca in 2006 when the power cut off after the first track – I was then offered a DJ residency to date from it, thanks Sandy!!!
TGUK: What can people expect from your set?
TE: The sound of Pushca and what’s to come. I have been crafting that infectious sound that you will only hear at Pushca and I can’t wait to work that dancefloor on Feb ruer 2nd.
TGUK:How did you get your start as a DJ and when did you get the desire to give it a try?
TE: I’ve been playing on and off since 1998 on pirate radio but what gave me my first real taste of clubs was the Pushca residency at Ministry.
TGUK: What’s been your motivation as a DJ? What still drives you? and how would you describe your DJ style?

TE: My motivation is to be involved with events that innovate and not conform, and that keeps me interested. My style is best described as electronic music that makes you dance nonstop!
TGUK: Of all the accolades/accomplishments you’ve achieved over the years – what would you say has been your proudest moment?
TE: I think my biggest accomplishment is not conforming to the different styles of dance music that have came in and out of fashion. Thankfully I have always been kept busy from that so I must be doing something right – lol:-)
TGUK: What’s up with you production wise?
TE: I am working with Abigail Bailey and her professionalism in the studio and attention to detail, people can really learn from. I can’t wait to get our tracks out there
TGUK: How do you like to spend your time when you’re not behind the decks?
TE: Radio, remixing projects, private edits and most recently my own productions is what my week is involved in. That in addition to being an avid Vespa fan and I most recently reinstated my Spanish classes – muchos gracias 🙂
TGUK: Name five tunes that you’d like to play for us right now?

TE: ‘Confidential Title’ – Tony English & Abigail Bailey

‘ Everyday’ – Eric Prydz

‘Pendulum’ – Tony English

‘Flavor’ Private Remix – Tori Amos

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‘ You Are My Brother’ Tony English Lovechild Remix – Eleven Paradise
TGUK: And one that you’d never play in a million years…

TE: Gangnam Style – I can’t stand it
TGUK: What’s the best thing about your life at the moment?

TE: I just brought a white Vespa300 – if you don’t have one, get one!
TGUK: what’s next for you?

TE: It’s time to start releasing my own music which is my main focus for 2013. Pushca is also launching a record label that I will have a hand in so that infectious sound will now be transported to the next level.
TGUK: Finish the sentence. A good set starts with….?

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TE: A good introduction – take time and get creating…
TGUK: And ends with…?

A packed dancefloor!

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