Dubbed by many as one of the Internet’s greatest villains, the outspoken conservative personality has people asking whether he’s actually gay. So is Milo Yiannopoulos gay?

The simple answer to that is yes.

Is Milo Yiannopoulos Gay
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The 31-year-old social commentator, who was first unverified and then banned from Twitter in July 2016 often uses his homosexuality as the basis for his political stances or arguments, however, he has stated that he choose to be gay – he says to make his parents angry.

He was raised in the UK in a small town near Kent and attended the University of Manchester but dropped out. He also attended the Wolfson College in Cambridge but dropped out of that too.

In 2015 he began a University campus tour called, “The Dangerous Faggot Tour”. The tour took place in the United States and the UK, with many of the UK’s appearances cancelled – and most of his speeches were met with protests.

In 2015 the journalist claimed he would “cure” his homosexuality if he could. According to Raw Story, Yiannopoulos said,

“If I could choose, I wouldn’t be a homosexual. That doesn’t make me self-loathing.”

In a column, in Breitbart the 6-foot journalist and commentator  also claimed that he “chose to be gay” when he was 15 where he lost his ” virginity in a fivesome with two boys and two girls.” He said that he “only plumped for homosexuality to irritate my parents”.

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In 2016 he held a “Gays for Trump” rally, wearing a bulletproof vest to debate gun laws.

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