Just how quickly has time gone?

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It’s one year since Caitlyn Jenner showcased her new look to the world in that now iconic exclusive cover with Vanity Fair magazine.


The former Olympic star captioned the picture as her “Happy First Birthday”.

Taking to Instagram Caitlyn uploaded a video in which she said that there was nothing like “living your life authentically” and that the year had been so much fun.



And what a year it’s been. In 2015/16 Jenner has picked up many awards including the Teen Choice Award and Glamour‘s Women Of The Year. She was listed by Entertainment Weekly as Entertainer of the Year and she topped Bing’s most searched celebrity of the year and second on Google during 2015.

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She also had her own documentary series, I Am Cait, which documented her journey in the first year of her transition.

It’s a year also tinged with sadness. She’s had numerous lawsuits filed against her after an accident in February 2015 left one woman dead and number of others were injured. Two suits have were settled in December 2015 and January 2016, but a third is on going.

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