Between them they’ve thousands of followers and fans and have won countless titles for their Olympic prowess, however, Jack Laugher and Chris Mears keep it real travelling coach.

Jack Laugher and Chris Mears are off to China for more diving commitments, however, the dynamic duo are happy to keep a low profile by flying economy rather than getting the royal treatment at the front of the plane for the 10-hour flight to Beijing. Jack posted the above picture on his Instagram

But they aren’t the only ones to slum it with the rest of us in coach, even world-wide phenomenon, Tom Daley who has a healthy bank balance due to his calendar sales and book rights still chooses to travel at the back of the plane.

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But it’s still pricey to fly to China, even sitting in coach, a direct return ticket will set you back £618 with Air China and £661.56 on Virgin Atlantic, sitting in Business or Upper will burn a hole in your pocket to the tune of £2479.56 on Virgin and if you want to splash the cash and go First you’ll have to dig deep and fork out £3598.56 on British.
Last year Tom Daley and boyfriend Dustin Lance Black were caught in a mid-air emergency situation and had to be re-routed to Russia, whilst their airplane dumped fuel.