Xfactor Alumni and winner Joe McElderry has become another victim of homophobic abuse on Twitter, the 140 characters, mini social networking site.

A user of the site ‘Bryden Morgan’ of Inverness, Scotland tweeted the star:

“ahahaha nice success you’ve had after x-factor you gay c*nt!!”.

Joe who won Popstar to Operastar last year tweeted back: “and judging by your profile pic you’ve clearly had a lot of success”.


Morgan at first seemed remorseful of the comment made to the singer tweeting:

“ok I apologize (sic) for the gay part it was mainly to insult him about x-factor”.

However, he then tweeted that he had “a gang of gay rights activists” attacking him and that Joe’s fans had no right to get their “knickers in a twist” over it.

The abuse continued into the early hours of this morning when Morgan tweeted:

“#TeamBryden RT if you also think joe mcelderry is s**t and is being a little bitch #GetOverIt”


There have been recent cases of arrests in connection to homophobic abuse and sending abusive messages to celebrities.

TheGayUK has also contacted Twitter directly for comment on what Twitter will do to protect minorities and LGBT users on the site. So far Twitter has declined to comment.

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A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said: “Police received reports yesterday from a member of the public with concerns of comments made on Twitter.

“Enquiries were carried out and no complaints have been made.”

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