Judge Rinder Blasts “Homophobic” Landlord After Wanting Lesbian To Replace Bed

13th January 2016 0 By News Desk

A “homophobic” landlord has felt the wrath of Judge Rinder after he demanded that an ex-tenant, who happens to be a lesbian, should pay for a new bed.

A landlord has felt the cold stare of Judge Rinder after making a complaint that a lesbian ex-tenant should have to fork £399 out for a new bed because he was unsure what she had done in it.
When Judge Rinder asked why he was entitled to a new bed, he said, in front of a stunned court room,

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“When i found out that she is what she is, I wanted to change the bed. I don’t know what’s been happening on the bed.”

He also said he couldn’t understand why she was a lesbian, when there were plenty of men like him around…
Judge Rinder, who was married by Benedict Cumberbatch to his husband in 2014, is now celebrating his fourth series on ITV.