Katie Hopkins has waded into the Richard Hammond ice cream debate suggesting acceptance is like death to the LGBT community.

Wannabe gay icon Katie Hopkins has taken to twitter to share her views over that Grand Tour gay ice cream debacle, sparked by Richard Hammond on Amazon Prime’s flagship motoring show.

During a discussion in front of live studio audience with his fellow presenters, Jeremy Clarkson and James May, Richard seemed to suggest that only gay men liked ice cream after saying,

“It’s all right, I don’t eat ice cream. It’s something to do with being straight.”

The show was first streamed on the 23rd December,

The comment sparked outrage amongst some on social media, with many suggesting that his comments were “casual homophobia” and suggested that Amazon Prime was complicit in “normalising homophobia”.

THEGAYUK.com reached out to Amazon for comment on these claims, but no one was available for comment.

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Well now Katie, who has in the past said it was a personal goal to become a gay icon, has put her two pence worth in… by tweeting,

“Acceptance has now come down to ice cream. Acceptance is like death to LGBT. With it, they cease to be special”.



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Despite her wish to become a gay icon, Katie has angered many in the LGBT community about some of the controversial issues raised in 2016. She didn’t understand why the NHS should provide PrEP to gay and bisexual men, calling the decision “utterly bonkers” and she raged against the NHS having to provide medical assistance to trans people by saying that she didn’t think the NHS should fund Trans people’s “life choices”.  The controversial presenter also wasn’t a fan of the BBC’s revamped “queered up” adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream.

However, earlier this year, she expressed a wish that she’d love for her 7-year-old son to grow up to be gay. She wrote in her Daily Mail column,

“I hope my son will be gay.

“He can dance and is proud of his six-pack at seven, which I am taking as a positive sign.

“I play Kylie to him in the kitchen to show him the way. I hope one day when I am older, perhaps he will finally teach me how to dress with style.”

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