There’s a bit of ‘Is He, Isn’t He’ surrounding Lee Ryan, after a his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Waltz, accused him of cheating on her with a man. Now Lee opens up about sexuality on Twitter.

After leaving the CBB house Lee Ryan and American model Jasmine Waltz struck up a romance, however last week Waltz tweeted that Ryan had cheated on her with a man.

She tweeted:

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“…the minute I got home to LA, he cheated on me with a MAN! #admitUgay.”

Which sent the celeb columns into a tizz, afterall Lee did admit to a bit of Man On Man action whilst staying in the BB house.

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Now the man himself has commented on the claims by Waltz, on his own Twitter account saying:

‘I’ve been asked by a few people why I haven’t reacted over recent claims & my answer is this…’
‘The claims that I am gay don’t faze me. I don’t care if people think I’m gay, why would I care? I would be proud. Sexuality doesn’t need to be defended or justified,
‘In 2014 when individual sexuality is being celebrated, it’s odd that Twitter trolls and bullies focus on sexuality in a derogatory way.
‘We have created change as a society, a really brilliant change and to those people who have not yet caught up to 2014 (for whatever reason) please just open your minds and begin to think #equal.
‘Everyone is allowed to be individual,’
Earlier in the year Duncan James came out officially as a gay man, during a charity event aimed at reduced homophobia.
So thoughts people?
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