Lloyd Daniels is making a huge change to his appearance

14th March 2017 0 By News Desk

Heartthrob Lloyd Daniels has just done something very brave and he’s documenting it for the world to see.

The X Factor star, Lloyd Daniels, has revealed to his legion of fans that he’s thinning on top – and is doing something about it.

Speaking about his hairline, the singer said, he had been losing confidence as a result of his receding hairline and has only managed to keep the issue hidden by clever concealment.

He spoken out about how he’s being trying to keep it hidden and up until now hasn’t spoken publically about his issue.

He revealed that he’s been using clever haircuts to “cover up” his receding hairline.



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However, he’s just undertaken a robotic hair transplant from Artas Robotic Hair Transplant at Juvida Clinics in Yorkshire. He said that he hoped that his journey would inspire others who are upset about balding to take steps.


The Welsh-born singer says that he’ll be keeping his followers up-to-date on the progress.

Good luck Lloyd!