Police in New York have confirmed that a man has been arrested after allegedly threatening to “come back “Orlando-style” to a bar’s security guard.

A man in Bushwick, New York, has been arrested after an alleged verbal and physical assault on a the Happyfun Hideaway‘s security guard.

According to witnesses the man shouted abuse and allegedly threatened to come back “Orlando-style” just days after a gun shoot out in the Orlando Pulse nightclub left 49 people dead.

“I’m going to shoot this place up and get my 50 just like Orlando, Florida,

“I’m going to come back Orlando-style!”


According to the NYPD, Justin Rice, 40, was arrested soon after the incident which happened at 11.00PM at the Happy Hideaway bar on Monday night.

He was charged with aggravated harassment and attempted assault.

Rice had been at the bar when he was taken outside by bouncers, he is due back in court on the 17th June and bail was set at $10,000.


A comment left on the bar’s Facebook page thanked its customers for their support.

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“We are open for business and, bewilderment at what an odd world we live in aside, everyone is free of harm and proud to be part of such a loving community that doesn’t stand for hate… the best thing you can do to show the world that we believe in love is to continue to support us and all of our queer and artistic communities…”


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