Sickening images have emerged from Iraq, of a man who was thrown off a building, to his death, after ISIS find the man guilty of being gay.

Images released by Islamic State (IS) have shown a man plunging to his death after being accused of being gay, and found guilty by an Islamic Court, in Northern Iraq.The punishment for his crime was to be thrown off the tallest building in the town, following by stoning.

The unnamed man, who is seen to be bound with his hands behind his back, is thrown off the roof of the building, whilst up to ten people overlook the operation. The Islamic court also ruled that the man should be stoned to death for his crime. The picture above shows the man surrounded by rocks and stones.


The barbaric punishment was read out loud in the streets, by balaclava-clad IS fighters, in a town believed to be in Northern Iraq. The punishment read that he should thrown off the highest point in the city for being gay.

The images appeared on the Internet just hours after a report which detailed the the abuse of CIA detainees was released by the US.

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It is not known if the man died immediately from his injuries.

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