Comedian Margaret Cho has explained why it’s never too soon to joke about atrocities, like the Paris terrorist attacks, as long as it’s done with Love and a political mind.

◼︎ Cho says that each show is different and she’s talking a lot about the Paris attacks


◼︎ Says that her jokes are not “mean” and that she has compassion and love for the victims.
Margaret Cho who is currently in the UK with her brand new show pysCHO has told THEGAYUK that it’s not too soon to joke about the terror attacks in Paris, where 130 people were massacred by so called Islamic State fighters.


Answering about what she would talk about in her latest show at the Leicester Square Theatre, she said,

“My show changes daily for every audience because every day is different. The news is different every day, yet we still return to the same thing, which is gun violence, which is rape. I’m talking a lot right now about Paris and Beirut

“I have so much compassion and love towards the city and all of the victims. I feel that you have to find a way to talk about things with compassion with a mind towards peace.”



Defending her stance the 47-year-old TV Star said,

“You can make mean jokes too soon. That’s certainly possible and that happens a lot on Twitter where people say insensitive things right after they happen.

“I’m not that kind of an artist. I have much more of a political mind and compassionate mind when it comes to dealing with tragedy and I think we need to have a new way of looking at peace, so my show is all about that.”



Recently Margaret shared her view that US Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was a piss bottom.

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Margaret Cho is at The Leicester Square Theatre until the 20th December 2015

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