You’ll definitely know her voice, yes it’s her of the Macklemore/ Ryan Lewis mega track “Same Love”

The out US singer is about to become a star in her own right after penning a deal with EMI Virgin, she’s set to release the original track, She Keeps Me Warm. The song was a global success and nominated for a GRAMMY, as well as winning an MTV Award. 25.3 million people worldwide saw Lambert make history by performing the hit on the Grammy telecast with Macklemore, Lewis and Madonna, while Queen Latifah married 33 couples.

She is now going to release the full version on July 20th.

As well as performing in front of millions of people alongside Madonna as Queen Latifah married 33 couples at the Grammys, Mary’s track was feature on the iconic Love Has No Labels video last year which now has over 50 million views.

Lambert began as an aspiring singer-songwriter who also worked as a brunch waitress and bartender. She began to play piano at age six and found herself inspired by artists such as Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls and James Taylor. At age 19 Lambert discover the art of ‘Spoken Word’, eventually representing Seattle in the Brave New Voices Poetry Competition and winning Seattle’s Grand Slam Poetry Competition in 2011. Lambert carried on this passion and released her first book of poetry, entitled ‘500 Tips For Fat Girls’.




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