Matt Fishel releases 6th single, When Boy Meets Boy and celebrates with one of best music videos we’ve seen in a long time.

Not many people can say they include Stephen Fry as a fan of their artistry, but openly gay singer-songwriter Matt Fishel, can. Speaking about Fishel’s music Stephen Fry said:

“Gloriously gay, sweetly romantic, wonderful touching music”

Now if that’s not a call to action, we’re not sure what is.

And what can we say… We completely agree!

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When Boy Meets Boy is released worldwide on iTunes and Amazon as a 3-track single, including an exclusive remix from Dutch DJ/Producer Matt Pop (RuPaul, Almighty Records).

The original music video for the song is a short animation film directed and animated by Joe Phillips, who also created the beautiful artwork for Matt’s album. This new video is a fun ‘boy meets boy’ love story between Matt and the mysterious, super-cute skateboarder Marcus… with a superhero twist!

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Matt has crafted his own unique style of songwriting and production, with themes of sexuality, education, love and lust running through his work. However, his songs and lyrics deal openly with the joys, pains and experiences of growing up as a gay teenager and young man, setting him apart from other artists.

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