A member of staff who stopped a kiss between two men has been sacked and the company say he will never work for them again.

Speaking to the BBC’s Newsbeat, a spokesperson for the restaurant in Leicester said, “Discrimination of this nature is wholly unacceptable and not, in any way, tolerated by McDonald’s”.

Matthew Dummigan, 23, was giving another man a “peck on the lips” when he was told to stop what he was doing by a member of staff, a bouncer employed by the chain. Dummigan asked the staff member, whether it would be okay if the kiss had been between a man and woman, “yes” was the bouncer’s reply. However Dummigan didn’t want the man to lose his job, despite the distress and upset the incident had cause, rather he go on equality and diversity training instead. He said, “The main thing I want from this is for the bouncer to be back at work after taking in some training about diversity and equality,”


Last year a lesbian couple in London were told that they should move away from each other as to not cause offence to other diners after they shown affection towards each other.

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