Meet ‘The Real Hedwig’

With Neil Patrick Harris kicking up a storm on Broadway, the ‘real’ Hedwig pipes up.

Hegwig And The Angry Inch is one of the must see gay films of all times and Neil Patrick Harris is currently playing the seminal character on Broadway to much applause and critical acclaim. But our friends at have secured an interview with Tish Gervais (Brian Belovitch) – the star who claims to be the original Hedwig.

In an exclusive chat with Out’s Michael Musto , Brian Belovitch says:

‘People were always coming up to me and saying that. Then, when I went to sell my film after my play, they said, “No, it’s too much like Hedwig. We already had this story.” But this is a true story. The whole thing was very shady to me. I went up to John and talked to him about it once, and he said Jayne (County) was planning to sue him. I said, “Everyone told me I should sue you.” You should have seen his face. He was like, “Really?” I said, “Maybe Hedwig is something you created in your imagination, but my story is my story.” I wasn’t going to accuse him there right on the spot. Catfight on Greenwich Avenue!’

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However John Cameron Mitchell responded with:
‘In a way, accusations of plagiarism are the sincerest form of flattery: “Wow! That could be me!’

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Read the entire interview and response from the creative team from Hedwig over at

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