And about bloody time too! Finally, after 10 long years, she’s back – but by god, it was worth the wait. Seven, Lisa’s seventh album, gives us 10 tracks that make you cry, make you dance and make you glad you have ears!

The latest two releases form the album, “Carry On” and “Can’t Dance” give you an overview of what to expect…..that soulful voice, that range, the soaring strings, the….well, you get the picture.

During my recent interview with the lovely Lisa, I stated that she had a sound, an instantly recognisable sound and the moment you heard that first intake of breath, you knew it was her and on this album, she doesn’t disappoint.

She has a discernible style, and it ageless – like all true style. She’s the Chanel suit of music, the Little Black Dress of soul.

Seven is full of soul and R&B, the stuff that Lisa is known for, the stuff she does best.

“Can’t Dance” showcases Lisa’s amazing vocal range and has a wonderful ’70’s disco feel, very Chic.

“Why” has a sexy, soulful and pared down introduction, with a big band finish! Feels very Westside Story – full of playful lyrics, flutes and strong vocals both upfront and backing.

“So Be It’ and “The Crown” feel very old school Lisa, slinky and soaring.

“Stupid Heart” would make Patsy Cline proud – its the kind of lyric that makes you listen, forces you to take in every word, and feel every emotion.

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“The Rain” and “Picket Fence” are beautiful songs, expertly crafted, sung by a commanding voice.

“Love Can” and “Conversation” remind us that this woman sang some of the best slow numbers of our youth – and that she has the ability to bring you to tears!

“Carry On” is a toe tapper and no mistake! I defy you not to dance round the coffee table to this one!

Lisa has done what she always does, mixed it right: the right amount of upbeat versus slow down, the right amount of big band versus pared back.

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This album is a rare thing – each track feels truly handcrafted, each word carefully chosen and each note pitch perfect all with no filler, no fluff.

Lisa is back and we’re all the richer for it.

Lisa Stansfield appears in our Feb edition of TheGayUK, out first week of Feb 2014

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