Rapper Mykki Blanco has slammed gay media for not being reflective of the gay community.

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Highlighting the covers of gay magazines, as well as “gay media” in general, out rapper Mykki Blanco, 29, has slammed gay media for not reflecting the gay community at large, specifically people of colour (POC) and questioned claims made by gay media about their representation of all sections of the LGBT+ community.

Speaking to his 28,300 followers he also questioned whether gay media in 2016 weren’t embarrassed by their offering.

He said,

I wonder everyday if “Gay Media” in 2016 are at all embarrassed when you go to their websites/content and it’s only shirtless white guys


Calling out British gay magazine Attitude specifically in a tweet, Mykki Blanco tweeted a picture of 10 covers and said,

How can you see this sh*t and feel “apart of the community” or even Progressive????




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He then went on to question why people like him didn’t invited on Logo, Glaad, Out or Attitude.

Theirs [sic] a reason people like me don’t get invited on LOGO, or GLAAD or OUT or ATTITUDE


Out Magazine was quick to respond directly to Mykki reminding him that they included him in their annual Out 100 list, the Tweet was later deleted.

He replied that he did remember but went on to blast “gay media” saying that there was no inclusion or visibility of LGBTQ people.

He tweeted,

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This also has to do with Lesbian voices, Trans as well as POC. These outlets claim to reflect the LGBTQ yet do not


TheGayUK reached out to Attitude Magazine for comment.

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