Two Members of Stooshe Come Out.

Two members of all-girl band Stooshe have officially come out this morning on Gaydio, During ‘Your Gayest Moments’ on Chris and Emma’s morning show.

During the segment, Chris Holliday said to Courtney Rumbold, who is already out, “You wanted to be the only gay in the band.’

Which was greeted by one of the girls saying,

‘She’s not’ and Alexandra Buggs came out on the radio station.

Emma asked whether the girls were looking for love the Stooshe girls replied that they weren’t but happy with their relationship status!

Stooshe became popular after their song ‘Blackheart’ reached number 4 in 2012.

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Gaydio is one of the UK’s biggest gay-focused radio station, which broadcasts daily from Manchester.

TheGayUK called Stooshe’s label to confirm the story, however they have yet to respond.

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