Orlando shooter autopsy shows he was shot 8 times before being downed

The autopsy report of the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen has revealed that he was shot 8 times before cops finally downed him.



Eights shots to the head, chest, abdomen, lower leg and foot were recorded by the Orlando County medical examiner’s office, as Florida’s law enforcement fought to bring down shooter Omar Mateen during his murderous rampage through the Pulse nightclub in which he killed 49 people and injured a further 53.

The SWAT team, which comprised of 13 people engaged the shooter at just after 5:00AM on the 12th June, and fired 150 bullets when they breached the back wall of the Pulse nightclub.

The Sentinel reported that the eight bullets passed “through and through and the majority entered his body from front to back, suggesting he was shot while facing police, likely during the standoff.”

The 17-page autopsy reveals that he had no drugs or alcohol in his system – but anabolic steroids was found in his urine.


The autopsy reports of 31 of his victims have also been released with the remaining 18 due for release in the forthcoming weeks.

The autopsy reports of the victims released include: Akyra Murray, Christopher A. Leinonen, Christopher Sanfeliz, Darryl Burt, Eddie Justice, Edward Sotomayor, Enrique Rios, Eric Ortiz Rivera, Jason Josaphat, Javier Reyes, Jean Mendez Perez, Jerald Wright, Juan Chavez-Martinez, Joel Rayon Paniagua, Jonathan Camuy Vega, Juan Chavez-Martinez, Juan Rivera Valazquez, Kimberly Morris, Luis Conde, Luis Ocasio Capo, Luis Vielma, Luis Wilson Leon, Martin Benitez Torres, Mercedez Flores, Miguel Honorato, Oscar Aracena Montero, Paul T. Henry, Peter Gonzalez Cruz, Shane Tomlinson, Stanley Almodovar, Xavier Serrano Rosado and Yilmary Rodriguez-Solivan.


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The FBI are still investigating the attack. According to 911 phone transcripts released after the attack Mateen swore allegiance to ISIS.

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