The gay scene in London was forever changed with the introduction of Popstarz in 1995. Now nearly twenty years later the alternative gay night life brand is being put to bed.

In an interview with, head DJ and promoter Tommy Turntables lamented the ever decreasing gay scene in London saying, ‘the G-A-Y brand doest appeal to every gay person, in fact I’d say it doesn’t appeal to the majority of gay people, but there’s always new interesting things happening, a lot happens out East, you just have to dig for it more these days.’

The Popstarz night was the brainchild of Simon Hobart, who died nearly 10 years ago. When asked what Simon’s legacy would be, Tommy said, ‘His legacy will be showing the gay scene that not everything has to be the same, cut from the same cloth, that there is brilliance in our differences.’


Advance tickets have sold out, but there will be 400 £20 tickets available at the Coronet on New Kent Road, London from 10pm tonight.

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