People are being urged to join a protest outside the Russian Embassy to show solidarity to men being held in “concentration camps” in Chechnya.

Up to a hundred men, suspected of being gay are being held, against their wills, in what some media outlets are describing as “concentration camps”. A protest has been organised outside the Russian embassy in London.


Steve Taylor who is organising the protest wrote,

“The world’s media are reporting that gay men (and presumably other members of the LBT+ community) are being arbitrarily detained and killed in Chechnya. Other reports say that a ‘concentration camp’ has been established in the Chechen town of Argun.

“London fails if it does not challenge this inhumanity. We MUST stand up to this. Bring banners, flags and most importantly bring yourselves to challenge this oppression and show solidarity with LGBT+ people in Russia.

“It will be a PEACEFUL and LEGAL protest. The Metropolitan Police have been informed and we will work with them in coming hours to ensure a safe event.”

According to a Russian newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, last week, men, suspected of being gay, disappeared overnight in the Russian Republic of Chechnya. A spokesperson for the leader of the Republic denied the reports and claimed that gay people did not exist in the region.

This aggression against gay men reportedly began after an LGBT organisation applied for the rights to march in the capital of Grozny.


The protest will take place near the Russian Embassy on the junction of Bayswater Road and Ossington Street. Met officers will be there for public safety. 5:30 PM. Find out more here.

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