Serves 10-12 |  Prep 40 mins | (plus overnight soaking, and minimum 4-5 hours chilling once assembled) No Cook
Pretty in purple, this dessert has no added sugars, dairy, or flour and uses only natural & nutritious ingredients. If you have an aversion to lavender then leave it out, but i promise you its presence is subtle and is really lovely.


200g pecans

100g hazelnuts

210g pitted fresh dates

4 tbsp coconut oil

(soak the cashews & hazelnuts for the filling over night, just covering them in a bowl with filtered water)

250g cashews

100g hazelnuts

150g dried figs (fine for the packet to say “slightly rehydrated”)

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90g runny honey

75g blueberries (frozen is fine)

75g coconut oil, melted

1 lemon, juice of

2 tsp culinary lavender (optional, but lovely!)

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optional- fresh figs to serve on top


9-inch springform tin (less than 9 inch is fine but will result in a cake with more height)
BASE- Use a food processor or high powered blender to blitz the pecans and hazelnuts, and then adding the pitted fresh dates and coconut oil next, blitzing once again until combined.
Put the base of the cake tin down on top of greaseproof paper, use as a guide to draw a circle around it. Cut the circle out and then lay the circle on the bottom of the tin, greasing with a little oil.
Begin to spoon in the base mixture into the tin pressing down as you go, distributing evenly. Set aside in the fridge overnight, or place in the freezer for a few hours if you want to speed things up.
FILLING- Drain the soaked nuts thoroughly, and then place all filling ingredients in a food processor or highly powered blender and combine thoroughly. If your processor struggles to combine the filling into a uniform texture then remove some and work in smaller batches, adding extra honey to loosen it up as you go.
Spoon the filling into the cake tin on top of the nutty base and smooth over the top with a spatula or back of a spoon.
Place back into the fridge and I really recommend leaving it for a day, covered, for the flavours to develop, but it essentially would be ready to eat after chilling for 4-5 hours.
Remove from fridge 10 minutes prior to serving.

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