Channel 4 has commissioned another mini series of Sex Box, a show that explores the intimate world of sex being couples in front of an audience.

In 2013, Sex Box brought the sex lives of three couples, including one gay couple, to the world. The idea simple, the couples would bonk in a box (which was opaque) in front of an audience and once they were done they would come out and talk about their experience with a panel of experts.


The panel of experts included gay podcaster and sex advice columnist Dan Savage.

The show will be presented by renowned sexologist Goedele Liekens, a UN Ambassador for Sexual Health. Respected for her forward thinking and straight talking approach to sex she will engage the British public in an honest and entertaining discussion about our sex lives. Each show will tell the story of couples wanting to try something new sexually for the first time, and see Goedele talk them through the process with her unique, informative, and very relatable advice.

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Goedele Liekens said,
“It’s great news that a new Sex Box is coming to Channel 4. I’m looking forward to meeting more couples and getting an insight into their relationships through honest and open conversations about what goes on between the sheets. I can’t wait to spice up Britain’s love lives.”

Coming soon to Channel 4

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