So where will Bratavio be staying during the X FACTOR

You know you wanna see inside the X Factor house 2016?



Residents of Hadley Wood, North London, will soon find Bradley and Ottavio moving in beside them – as we can reveal the X Factor house for 2016. The house on Camlet Way, in the v v expensive neighbour of Hadley Wood.

The house on Camlet Way, in the v v expensive North London neighbour of Hadley Wood, is estimated to be worth £3,623,000 according to Zoopla.

When the Camlet Way home was last listed as a rental property on Zoopla in January this year, it had a steep monthly rental price of almost £13.5k!

Boasting six bedrooms and four bathrooms, the contestants will be staying in a luxury pad located in the ritzy neighbourhood of Hadley Wood; an area that has seen property values go up by an average 4.87% (£31,178) over the past 12 months.

2016-house-8 2016-house-4 2016-house-2


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So will Bradley and Ottavio be sharing this bedroom?



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The live shows begin this weekend on ITV.


By the way, you can already book for the X FACTOR 2017 tour. Click here to book tickets in your area.

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