Tag: Election 2015

  • Religious Political Parties Against Gay Rights Fail To Achieve 7000 Votes

    Two political parties that would have would have looked to undo equality for LGBT people in the UK have faired terribly in the UK general elections as fewer than 7,000 people voted in favour of religious based politics. The Christian People’s Alliance which was staunchly against the redefinition of marriage to include same-sex couples and […]

  • Should Gay People Vote Purely On Parties’ Record On Gay Rights?

    I’ll jump straight in and start by stating the bleeding obvious, that I don’t think gay people should be voting purely on political parties’ record on gay rights. I believe there is a much bigger picture that needs to be looked at. Sexuality should not define us as individuals and although we have some way […]

  • Third Of Christians Will Not Vote Cameron Over Gay Friendly Stance

    A new survey has revealed that people who identify as Christian have condemned David Cameron’s statement that same-sex marriage was “among his proudest achievements in 2014” The poll by ComRes for Premier Christian Radio asked 2,000 potential voters what they thought about gay marriage and how it might affect their decision on voting Conservative in […]