★★★ | Fashion Victim, The Musical

Fashion Victim, The Musical originally premiered in 2007 by Toby Rose and stared Pop Idol winner Michelle McManus. Now directed by Robert McWhir, setting up shop in the beautiful Cinema Museum in London and boasting a cast of performing fashionistas, the show promises to be the number one spot for all front row fashion wannabes.

The strong cast led by the amazingly talented and side splittingly funny Carl Mullaney also consists of the leading lady Rosie Glossop, sexy James Wilkinson, beautifully articulate Aimee Barrett and fashion model Aaron Blake. Model and actress Camilla Rutherford also stared in the show as a first in a series of celebrities to make a small cameo appearance. I have to say beautiful as she is, Camilla’s performance was as awkward as she seemed standing there and I felt perhaps another great cast member would be more prudent than a lacklustre celebrity presence.

Through a cleverly written, modern and stylish script and a set of catchy pop tunes we are told a classic story of “style-crossed” lovers. Average girl meets hunky model boy with impressively chiselled cheekbones, girl shags boy for fame, girl leaves boy for more fame, girls gets busted for being a press hungry whore, boy regains fame and somehow everyone ends up happy. Not the most original story (though perhaps not the most classic story either) but it’s fun, fashionable, bitchy and sexy. We can’t want for much more than that, can we?

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Speaking of sexy, if your anything like me you’ll enjoy seeing the scrummy male dancers wearing well, not a lot. Celebrity choreographer Ryan Jenkins knows how to get them moving I’ll tell you that!