Big Brother’s Chris ‘can’t think of himself as straight’

Big Brother’s Chris ‘can’t think of himself as straight’

Actor Chris, opens up about the idea of sexuality in conversations with Jale, Ash Christopher and Marlon.

Chris talks to Ash, Marlon, Christopher and Jale about his sexual preferences. He says: ‘I don’t like the term straight, we‘re all kind of melding now.’ He observes that people between 18-25 aren’t as bothered by sexual labels.

Chris, 33, originally wanted to enter the house for ‘free rent, to lose weight and I can’t afford therapy’ – seems to be be wanting to get something off his chest.

He admits, after questioning from the group, that he has never seen, kissed or slept with a man but can’t go around thinking he’s straight.

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He later tells Jale, he feels a bit funny about saying that on camera, as he has never admitted it to the majority of his friends of his family, he then reflects that: ‘You can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.’