Much Ado About Nothing at Selfridges

★★★★ | Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare fans “roll up roll up” – thou art in for The Tempest of treats. The young British theatre company, The Faction, have refashioned, revved up, edited, Selfridges-styled and speared Much Ado About Nothing into the 21st century – much like Alessandro Michele’s influence on Gucci.

Much Ado About Nothing at Selfridges
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Popping a pop-up theatre in the basement of Selfridges is poetry to one’s ears. Sampling Roja Parfums: A Midsummer Dream, eau de parfum – a snip at only £295 – while passing through the perfumery. Then straddling the escalator to the lower deck – a quick whizz through Conran and Danish design brand Hay, followed by a spot of wick sniffing in Jo Malone – all before parking your derrière in the contemporary mini-catwalk 122-seat auditorium.

You wouldn’t produce a production of Romeo, and no Juliet – so why a theatre and no bar? #justsayin

Director Mark Leipacher and Co-director Rachel Valentine Smith have sharpened William’s comedy of confused love, slander and tell-tales with news bulletins, Kooples clobber, an enthusiastic, flowery and playful cast thrown in with some horny, animalistic line-dancing. The story is clear and punchy. They’ll be no “wherefore art thou amusement” – the humour is as fresh as the dark amber and ginger lily emanating from the defusers in Selfridges Ultra Lounge.

“The course of true love never did run smooth” – but Shakespeare, Selfridges and The Faction is no question, to be.


Much Ado About Nothing plays at Selfridges Refashioned Theatre until the 24th September